Auto Owner Story Podcast Introduction – AOS001

Our society has been captivated with the automobile since it first broke onto the scene in the 1900’s. The freedom a car offers to travel greater distances at greater speeds in shorter timespans makes it an invention essential to the lifestyle we all enjoy. And who among us can imagine life without cars?

Many of us have fond childhood memories of family road trips or personal experiences connected with a vehicle of our own. It could be the memory of an exciting adventure or a tension-filled experience with our first car or truck that’s cemented in our brains that and, for many of us, will never be forgotten. An entertaining storyline shared with an interested party parallels the enjoyment that many of us experience reading a book. But the beauty of a podcast is that you are able to hear the story told by the person who experienced it with all the emotion or joy they share.

The journey planned for this podcast is to present stories to share with people who are interested or could benefit from them. As social media gives the ability to connect with people we otherwise would never know, an audio podcasting can take that interaction to a higher level.

There are all kinds of podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher, Google and other sources. One of the best features of a podcast is the flexibility of not having to stop what you’re doing when listening. In this introduction to the Auto Owner Story podcast, I’d like to share four additional benefits it offers our connected, on-the-go society:

  1. Stories share helpful tips
    • When someone shares a story about a difficulty they had with a vehicle, it could be helpful to someone currently experiencing the same or a similar problem they describe
    • In the process of telling their story, an individual may describe how they approached or interacted with their repair shop to resolve the problem
    • Hearing about someone else’s experience had can shorten our path to resolving our own car-related problem
  2. Stories entertain
    • An entertaining story can take our minds off problems we are dealing with, giving us a stress-reducing break
    • Funny stories that can give us a laugh are good for the soul and our health
    • Good stories can help pass the time while we are doing a monotonous or uncomfortable task
    • Listening to a good story while driving can make travel time fly
  3. Stories teach lessons
    • Sometimes, wisdom or advice offered by a parent, spouse, or close friend is harder to hear and give credibility
    • A neutral third party story may break through our “emotional static” to let us hear a recommendation of how to handle or fix a problem
    • Stories can offer feedback for repair shops to help them improve the service they provide auto owners
  4. Stories spread joy
    • Hearing someone’s humorous take about a difficult situation with a vehicle or a repair shop interaction can encourage us to lighten-up about our own difficult situation
    • A story with a good ending is always uplifting
    • Sharing a great experience with a repair shop can improve our outlook about our next trip to the shop
    • Sharing a personal story makes someone more transparent and better able to relate to
    • The storyteller gets to relive the experience or memory as they tell it

The objective of this first episode of the Auto Owner Story podcast is to present the thinking and reasoning behind the auto owner story. It is based on the belief that most of us have vehicle-related memories we can frame as a story. Sharing these stories can create benefit and enjoyment for the teller or the listener.

Whether you find yourself connecting to our podcast as a friend or a family member, by social media or as a network referral, we hope your experience will be positive. Join in. Share your story about an adventure on wheels. Spread the word to grow and enhance the variety of stories. Be a part of the Auto Owner Story.

By Dave Eastman

As an auto repair advocate, I’m on a mission to facilitate improved delivery of auto repair services by the auto repair industry. I’ve worked in the industry my entire career. It’s been great “work” but now I want to have some fun. The Auto Owner Story podcast fuels a desire to hear and share fun, entertaining and interesting stories from auto owners who have a great story to tell.

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