The mission of Auto Owner Story podcast is to provide access to engaging or informative stories involving automobiles.

A 1968 Camaro R/S – The Car that Got Away

I bought my 1968 Camaro Rally Sport from a used car lot in Thousands Oaks California in my senior year of high school. It was light blue inside and out. It had a four speed manual transmission and bucket seats.

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My 2003 Buick LeSabre with 343,452 miles

In this episode of the Auto Owner Story podcast I’m going to share about a vehicle I used to travel the roads of southern Idaho and eastern Oregon. I was working as a sales representative. The 2003 Buick LeSabre has been one of the most reliable cars I’ve ever owned.

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Kevin’s Story about his First Car a 1960 Hilman Husky AOS004

In this episode of the Auto Owner Story podcast Kevin Hughes tells the story of purchasing his first car from his grandfather. It was a 1960 Hilman Husky, that he transformed into a surfer’s car with a musical twist for transportation to the beach and back. He tells about getting the car running and then…

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My First Vehicle was a 1954 Ford Truck AOS003

An Automotive First Vehicle Podcast Story In this episode I share the story of my first vehicle, a 1954 Ford truck. It was mechanically worn and un-reliable with faded paint and doors that often wouldn’t latch properly. Though the transmission and brakes worked amazingly well while driving, I never knew if the engine would start….

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Gayle Reminisces About Her First Cars – AOS002

On this Auto Owner Story Podcast episode, Dave interviews his sister, Gayle Hughes and asks her to share some of her early memories about the cars she drove and her driving experiences. Gayle tells about getting her license when she was 17 and driving her brother’s ’68 Camaro Rally Sport to school and on errands…

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Auto Owner Story Podcast Introduction – AOS001

Our society has been captivated with the automobile since it first broke onto the scene in the 1900’s. The freedom a car offers to travel greater distances at greater speeds in shorter timespans makes it an invention essential to the lifestyle we all enjoy. And who among us can imagine life without cars? Many of…

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