My First Vehicle was a 1954 Ford Truck AOS003

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1954 Ford Truck

An Automotive First Vehicle Podcast Story

In this episode I share the story of my first vehicle, a 1954 Ford truck. It was mechanically worn and un-reliable with faded paint and doors that often wouldn’t latch properly. Though the transmission and brakes worked amazingly well while driving, I never knew if the engine would start. Once started, though, it ran like the “Little Truck That Could.”

I end my story reminiscing about my next two vehicles, a Corvair Monza and my favorite, the 1968 Camaro that I wish I still had.

Key Talking Points

  • First vehicle purchase price
  • A worn out 6 cylinder engine
  • Never new when it would start
  • Mom’s frequent trips to jump start the truck
  • Driver door pops open
  • Quick discussion about my next two vehicles


This article was originally posted on the Auto Shop Connection website. Later I decided to create this site to share automotive stories. So the podcast episode is here but if you want to read the full story go to the article here.

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